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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 4, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the dow is about to close above 25,000 for the first time ever. [closing bell rings] we have record finishes galore including small cap russell and dow transports with very low volatility on this thursday. that will do it for the claman countdown. see you tomorrow. melissa: it is cold outside but stocks are on fire. the dow making history once again, closing above 25,000 for the first time ever! it is only been 23 trading days since we closed above 24,000. that is the shortest time between 1000 point milestones ever. all of the major averages ending at brand new highs. for s&p, nasdaq, russell, that is a lot to say. i'm melissa francis is you're running out of records. i'm david asman. here is what else worry covering for you in a very busy hour. a major winter storm slamming
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east coast with blizzard-like conditions. tens of thousands of power outages are expected. more on the current status of this deadly storm, who is getting hit the hardest. meanwhile white house drama taking center stage today at the press briefing for the second day as new details surface from a soon to be released book about the trump presidency. president trump's lawyers are trying to block the book from hitting shelves. the president though focusing on his own agenda and the nation's, meeting with a select group of republican senator this is afternoon to discuss legislative priorities. john hoeven of south dakota was in the closed-door meeting wrapping up. he will join us later in the hour. melissa: 25,000 and climbing. the dow blasting through a 1000-point milestone, the 7th since president trump. let's go straight to nicole petallides on floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole it, has only been 23
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days, amazing! they had time to print hats. i love it. >> they had these ones ready, already, melissa. they were right behind the trading booth ready to go. when we hit 24,000, they knew 25,000 was coming. as you noted another record. when you thought we couldn't break all kind of historical records, not only at the highest levels ever, we hit the most record closes for the dow last year ever. now we have the shortest, fastest span between 1000-point milestones from 24 to 25,000 as you noted. let's take a look at some of the other names we're watching. the "fang" stocks, these names so many much us know so well. we use these products. we have them in the portfolios at home. amazon, facebook, alphabet, netflix. all hit all-time highs today. people still think this market continues to the up side. as we've been covering bombogenesis this, cold storm blanketing the east coast,
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looking at some blizzard-related stocks. names like douglas dynamics, generac, toro, home depot, to the upside, getting snow removal equipment, using a generator, all those moved to the upside today. melissa: love it, nicole. thank you. david: applauding 25-k, how can you do otherwise. president trump quote tweeting, dow crashes through 25,000. cuts of unnecessary regulation continuing. we have dan mitchell, cofounder for center of freedom and prosperity. he writen a lot about deregulation, that might be important than tax cuts. todd, you're a little reluctant on stock markets. i hope you're not fighting this tape, are you? >> no, david. happy new year. i'm long the market. i'm long in my investing account and retirement. i'm not getting out. think we're a little bit frothy here.
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congratulations to dow 25,000. i wish the confetti was flying over my head. it is great. regulations are great. they are cutting things down. but we all know the markets will find a place and a reason to sell off at some point. there are still a lot of ugly scenes under the surface that will one day come to play. david: like what? >> massive amount of debt we have today. we have more debt today than 2008. auto and student loans. we have a lot of problems we're ignoring. consumers confident, spending more than they make again which is another problem. we don't have job growth through earnings. we don't have wage growth yet. david: we're beginning to see wage growth. we're certainly seeing job growth. dan, talk about deregulation. tax cuts are wonderful. i like it when taxes go down. on the other hand, the market started going up long before we had the tax cut law in there. it was deregulation, 22 cuts in deregulation for everyone addition in regulation, that is extraordinary, is it not.
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>> there is no question that businesses are looking at the environment in washington and they feel they have breathing room. they feel they're not getting hit with one new regulation after another which is happening all during not just the obama years, but even the bush years. so there is a change in mentality in washington. it is not so much that we've had deregulation. there has been a little but the main thing, i think is just the fact they're not getting hilt over and over again. you combine that with the big corporate tax rate reduction, i think yes, there is a better business environment. now i don't disagree there could be a bubble. you know, markets when they go up, sooner or later there is a correction. but i think some of these fundamentals in the economy are getting better because policy in washington isn't as bad anymore. david: you know what, getting back to taxes for a second. paul krugman embarrassed himself once again. not only made the worst prediction of the stock market on the night of election saying it would go down and never
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recover. now he says there is no relationship at all between tax cuts and incentives for companies to invest to which you say what, dan? >> i think he must be smoking something really fun. maybe he had a big new year's eve bender and it hasn't ended yet. be honest about it, places like hong kong and singapore how fast they grow, not just year after year, but decade and decade, compare that to the economic stagnation to place like france and italy. obviously taxes are not only thing that matter. taxes, monetary policy, trade, you name it. if you're a business and investing if you're an invest tore you look at after tax rates of return. taxes matter a lot. david: todd, don't you think in 2018 we'll see a big increase in investment because of the new tax law? >> i think there will be more investment. i agree with you there will be more money. we need to see money not only going into bonuses and buy backs
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of stocks and cap-ex spending within this country and see some growth so we create some real jobs. but the real thing we need is a little bit of higher interest rates so we actually let the small business guy borrow money because they pay the best wages, and they are the true growth of america is small business which we really cut out. david: we hear from a lot of ceos saying they will increase capital expenditures a lot. we'll see if they follow through on that. todd, dan, thank you very much appreciate it. >> thank you. melissa: press secretary sarah sanders wrapping up briefing this afternoon with the bulk of the questions about michael wolff's tell-all book about the president. kevin corke at the white house to break it all down for us. kevin. reporter: hey there my friend. a blizzard all right but a blizzard of cease and desist letters from the president's lawyers. let me share what is once again a pretty interesting day at the white house, once again we're talking about the forthcoming book, "fire and fury." the first time president we
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heard today talk about and i should also add he talked about one of the people who is very frequently quoted in the book. we're talking about his former chief strategist steve bannon. the book, as you know generated a storm of controversy because of a number of different allegations made in the book. a few eye openerses i should say from mr. bannon himself. among them, bannon is said to have called ivanka, the president's daughter, dumb as a brick. he said that the president eats mcdonald's food, because he fears being poisoned. he said there was one in three chance that the president would resign. wow. now for his part, bannon seems to be downplaying it just a bit to be frank. he said, look about this so-called rift with the president, it doesn't exist. in fact he went on his radio program today to say he is still 100% behind the commander-in-chief. >> don't worry, there will be no daylight between the agenda of donald trump and folks at "breitbart," this show and the
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websites. president of the united states is a great man. i support him day in, day out. whether going through the country giving the trump miracle speech or on the show or the website. i don't think you have to worry about that. reporter: it is clear that the patience of white house officials, melissa, is getting just a little bit threadbare. take you to the white house press briefing this afternoon. take a listen to sarah sanders. >> unless concerned with my exhaustion as i am with the people of this country. i don't think they really care about some trash that an author that no one ever heard of until today, or a fired employee wants to peddle. this is the focus of this administration, it is moving our country forward. hopefully everybody in this room will join us on that effort, focus on some of policy components instead of ridiculous lies we have to spend all our time here focused on. reporter: a little bit fired up here. i asked her that question, i know what it is like, have an agenda, trying to get it out
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there to communicate with the american people what your goals and aims are, and you get sidetracked or sideswiped by a book like this. a lot of frustration as you can well imagine. not just a cease and desist letter to the publisher but specifically to steve bannon. nobody think the president will go forward with that. it is out there. we'll watch very carefully to see if something happens. melissa, back to you. >> no doubt. here is bob cusack, "the hill" editor-in-chief. some of the stuff in there, one in three chance of the president resigning, that sounds like wishful thinking from his enemies. >> yeah. we knew this book was coming. which knew it would be a tornado, there were a lot of people interviewed. it is interesting bannon is not disputing anything in the book but other people on social media, reporters said this certainly sound as little off. this could be exaggerated. it has been a distraction for the white house. especially the first week back after the holidays, especially after the big win on tax cuts and economy and stock market and all that kind of stuff.
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that is why i think the white house would be wise to move on and push its agenda. they got a big partisan win on tax cuts. maybe they can get a bigby partisan win on transportation. melissa: i have known michael wolff a long time. his writing is like this all the time. he wrote like this in on "vanity fair." he is a hired gun, an attack dog. this isn't a surprise. when people see him come around they don't understand the book will be unflattering? >> a lot of people are surprised how much access he got. that is credit to him he got the access. but clearly when bannon is quoted going after the president's children that is certainly personal for the president. melissa: oh, yeah. >> criticizing the president one in three chance he resigns. seems by all accounts trump enjoys the job. enjoys it a lot. melissa: great. >> he will stay in the job as long as he can. melissa: seems like he is
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delighting in the job. so many things you read sound like they can't be true. on other hand, for people, seems like one of those books that changes no one's mind. the people hate him read it, believe every little bit. people who love him think it's a total law. >> that's a great point. melissa: like the tweets. it changes no one's mind. everybody gets more entrenched in their position? >> that's right. i totally agree. some people will see this as complete fake news. other people don't like trump they will believe it. melissa: gospel. >> in 2018 people will vote on the what trump has done and the tax bill and some will vote because they don't like trump. melissa: he is able to blip up a lot of storm, get a lot of attention. bob cusack, thank you. >> yeah. david: breaking news. "judicial watch" releasing 18
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classified emails in the newly found documents on anthony weiner's laptop. weiner is estranged husband of hillary clinton's top aide, huma abedin. all stemming from the investigation of former secretary of state hillary clinton's email scandal. melissa: interesting. the president focusing on his agenda today meeting with a select group of republican senator this is afternoon, to discuss legislative priorities. what can congress and the white house accomplish this year? south dakota senator john hoeven was in the meeting and he joins us later in the hour. david: then there is this. a major security flaw that could affect your computers and your smartphones. more on this, why the ceo of intel is now under fire for selling millions of dollars of his shares, whether those sell, whether the selling of those shares and the glitch are related. melissa: deadly winter storm slamming the entire length of the east coast from florida to maine. southern states digging themselves out after this rare event. tens of thousands of power
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outages are expected before a deep freeze sets in. we are live in the weather center and on the ground, where the storm is hitting the hardest right now. >> never seen snow. first time, last time i saw know. was about, a long time ago. >> i don't really even know how to drive on the road like this in this type of weather ♪ with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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david: historic "bomb cyclone" pummeling the east coast unleashing blizzard conditions from virginia to new england. once the storm passes very, very cold air will be left behind. fox news meteorologist adam klotz in the weather center with the very latest. adam. >> hey, david, we're track the storm. unfortunately for the folks in the path of it runs to the
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north. you see center of circulation as it runs north. the closer to the coast it will get the heavier the snow and stronger the winds especially for folks along the coastal areas. we're seeing in spots like boston, providence, still heavy snow at this point. temperature around 30 degrees. temperature light in new york city. it always was, still is, talking about maybe eight inches there. at this point farther to the south, beginning on the back side of this, still light snow with the final bands. should wrap up for those folks in a little while. winter watch and blizzard warnings in mid-atlantic and maine. that area will hit hard as we get into the evening and eventually the overnight hours. what needs a blizzard? low visibility and overnight winds for three hours. that low visibility makes it the toughest. all the snow on the ground, winds gusts really strong, it picks it up, you can't see
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anything. visibility from 1/10 of a mile to a third after mile in boston. we have better visibility in new york city. visibility now further south up to 10 miles in d.c. you mention the temperatures dropping as it continues to move. here is the future radar. pay attention to the time stamp. it clears out entirely in the overnight hours. with the circulation grabs cold air. you see the numbers fall. look at that 14 degrees, by the time you get going into early friday. plenty of spots into single digits or negatives. it will be really cold for us on friday, saturday, and sunday, david. david: you didn't talk about the power outages. i have a place in cape cod. what worries me. you first have the winds. they bring down the power lines. then you have sub-zero weather, that brings on freezing of pipes. i'm a little concerned as i'm sure people are about that. >> you have to find somewhere to go.
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david: thanks very much. melissa. melissa: fox news's bryan llenas is watching the storm in boston. what is it like there? reporter: guys, we're talking about 12 inches of snow here in boston to about 14, 15, 16 inches outside of the boston area. right now power outages, you are talking about it, we're talking about 22,000 plus power out ages at this moment in massachusetts. the big problem, as you mentioned it is heavy, wet snow. you have frozen precipitation. there was freezing rain earlier as the storm comes in. it causes weight on power lines and causes power outages. we're talking earlier about flooding. this is video of the square yum station in downtown boston, aquarium station. this is highest recorded tide in terms of the water level we've ever seen in boston, or it will tie the blizzard of 1978, that is according to the national weather service in boston here.
4:21 pm
that is about 15 feet of water level, because of that flooding that came in from this storm. on top of the flooding, the big concern obviously is well, they have to keep people off the streets. they're asking, mayor of boston and governor here in massachusetts asking people that there are still too many cars on the roads. telling people to please stay home and stay warm. we need the plows to go in and out, to clear those streets because those, that arctic blast is on its way. we're talking about windchills dipping into the minus 20 range in this area. that is dangerous situations. so that water that came in, it is receding slowly because there is chunks of ice in it. it is freezing quickly. so that is the concern. obviously if you are in a home that doesn't have power and you are not warm, telling you go to a friend's home or to go. >> a warming shelter. that is the situation here. the peak of the storm supposed to be done right about this time 4:00 to 5:00. it will start taper being off
4:22 pm
tonight, guys. melissa: bryan, your lips are freezing. go back inside. thank you, david. david: victory for the house intel committee. the justice department finally striking a deal over a highly-sought-after documents related to the anti-trump dossier. plus the united states made a major agreement with south korea today regarding military exercises. we have the late-breaking details coming next. >> if north korea wants to pick up the phone to talk to its neighbor south korea we have no problem with that. our policy remains the same and frankly the same policy as south korea, japan and many other countries in the world, that is the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. nutes !! so we can all sleep easier tonight. when you have something you love, ♪ you want to protect it.
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melissa: thank you thawing in reflations. halting military exercises between south korea before this month's olympics. president trump tweeting quote
4:26 pm
with all the failed experts weighing in does anybody believe talks and dialogues would be going on between north and south korea right now if i wasn't firm, strong, willing to commit our total might against the north. fools but talks are a good thing. we have the u.s. assistant secretary of state for military and political affairs. what is your reaction to that. >> i hope i'm not another failed expert. the time to do a victory parade after north korea backs down. we're not quite at finish line. this postponement that the pentagon does often. i spent eight years as a pentagon official in the 1980s. many times it is inconvenient to go forward with a exercise, so you put it off. melissa: you don't think he is making any progress. >> well i do, look, i'm not saying that it is not progress but the goal here is for the kim
4:27 pm
jong-un regime to change its behavior, change its calculation. the white house says this. melissa: no doubt. >> we haven't done that yet. melissa: yeah. do you feel like there is possibly a game of good cop/bad cop going on here? there is this idea that the president seems like he would actually do something as opposed to past administrations, who would appear to be more reluctant to step in and actually take action and maybe that is balanced by some of his folks that are out front and seem like they're doing more negotiating, maybe like rex tillerson? >> certainly. by the way that is a very noble tradition. in the past, presidents good to have a strong national security president. i'm not sure the rhetoric has to be so personal or heated but it is important for the commander-in-chief to be very firm and resolute and tied to strategic goals very important. the secretary of state and others can reason, come in behind a tough president and try to settle things.
4:28 pm
congress is sometimes the foil for the white house as well. there is a lot of ways to play good cop, bad cop. there is no problem with us doing that. melissa: let me ask you about the announcement we'll be withholding aid from pakistan, 25 a a -- $255 million, if you look back at the record since 9/11. we've given $33.9 billion. has that been smart, not smart, has it bought us anything? >> not to go into great detail. i was there after 9/11 in the state department working military issues with pakistan. it wasn't all aid. a lot was reimbursement. they would do things they would not let us do if we didn't push them very hard. they let us run through combat strike missions and sent forces to federally administered tribal areas to go after al qaeda which was hard for them to do. we reimbursed them for that. it is not all aid. another thing assistance is
4:29 pm
strategic tool. we're at low point in our relations to pakistan. very clear to what we object to which is their support for the haqqani network which is hurting our military mission in afghanistan. pakistan has an agenda to try to keep indian influence out of afghanistan. it is not our agenda. that is a big problem. we need to be straight with them. we don't need to spit this their face. we need to remember these are long-time and allies. melissa: frenemies. they are not long-time allies. it's a tense relationship. they have done thing with the haqqani note work or al qaeda osama bin laden and some things they haven't been on our side. i don't want to let you go without asking you what is going on in iran. when you see protest, far fewer number 2009. different people. spread out across the nation. younger people who have not seen the benefit they were supposed
4:30 pm
to see from sanctions being lifted. there is this idea that apple and coca-cola would bring their minds to the west. we haven't seen that happen. what is your assessment going forward what is going to happen in iran here? >> i think it is a very authentic iranian moment of the these protests are happening in scores of places around the country. they are complaining about the economic deprivation but they're also complain about dictatorship. it has been 38 years where the ruling clerics really monopolized resources. there is a lot of corruption. there has been fraud where people's money has been taken. they control all the contracting in the country through religious foundations and so there is a lot of issues there. it is not something we can influence very much except to stand with them to say, they have a right to speak up. no one would want to live under that kind of dictatorship. melissa: ambassador, thank you for coming on today, we appreciate your insight. >> my pleasure. david: house intel committee will soon have its hands on
4:31 pm
documents relevant to the anti-trump dossier, after a deal was struck between the committee and the justice department last night. the documents could shed light on whether the dossier is pushed by justice officials to justify surveillance on the trump campaign. this is one we'll be watching very closely, melissa. melissa: absolutely. back to business, president trump wrapping up a meeting moments ago with gop senators on the party's agenda? senator john hoeven of north dakota was at that closed-door meeting. we'll get inside scoop. that is next. david: a fast-moving "bomb cyclone," pummeling east coast, parts of the northeast, are now seeing snow pile up at a rate of three inches an hour. collinging up we hit the streets to to find out how new york city residents were handling the storm. >> this storm is called a "bomb cyclone." how does that make you feel? >> worried? cold? ♪
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4:36 pm
from boston, from providence, newark, laguardia, all completely canceled you can see on the board here. pictures from inside of those places like logan, boston, laguardia, new york, completely empty. there can be nothing done about it there. that is where the misery is certainly concentrated up along the eastern seaboard. it rippled out across the country. we'll get freezing coming into those airports. take it one more time, dutch, over there, you look at the kennedy flights, they are now expected, well, they just flipped it. they're not supposed to get out of here at least until 10:00 or 11:00 tomorrow morning. so, you know, take a chill pill. you're going to get chilled one way or the other. melissa: going to say i don't know if anybody needs a chill pill. it is chilly enough. maybe a little sunlight. jeff flock, thank you. david: meanwhile a closed-door meeting at the white house
4:37 pm
between president trump and select members of u.s. senate, including our next guest republican senator from north dakota, john hoeven, senate appropriations member. thanks for joining us. what did you guys talk about today? >> i talked about agriculture, energy, the importance of trade and talked about nafta and importance of the farm bill which we're now writing. david: now the president is desperate, maybe that is a wrong word but he wants a bipartisan deal because of course the tax bill was not anything but bipartisan. is it conceivable that could be done? democrats facing election, midterm election they want the majority you guys have in the senate and the house. they don't want to do anything with the president that might give kudos to him for doing a bipartisan deal. >> we want to write a farm bill this year. we're already hard at work on it. i think we will get it. i think it will be bipartisan. is it something that the president's going to be able to brag about? if so the democrats are not
4:38 pm
going to like that. >> sure, we need his help to do it. that is what we're talking about today. these issues, whether trade, whether crop insurance, research, all these things, we need his help. remember, every american benefits every day from good farm policy, lowest cost food supply. the highest quality food supply. david: what about things that are really tricky like immigration, infrastructure and possibly welfare reform? any chance of that getting done in 2018? >> i definitely think so. as a matter of fact my understanding is that the administration will put forward a conceptual framework on infrastructure as soon as this month. so again all these issues i think really create the opportunity for some bipartisan work, and we'll push very hard for that. we hope our colleagues on the other side of the aisle will join us. david: there are some things that can be done without any kind of legislative move. that president has done enormous amount of regulatory work which led to the economy moving.
4:39 pm
>> yes. david: i'm wondering about things like cutting back on waste and fraud. there are huge amounts of that in our welfare programs. some are entitlement programs, even ones americans love like medicare. there are supposedly $59.7 billion a year of waste and fraud in medicare. medicaid, $36.3 billion of waste and fraud. can that be done internally, without the help from the senator or the house? >> well you started in the right place in terms of talking about economic growth. the regulatory relief plus the tax relief is what is stimulating this economic growth, now 3% plus. so you have to combine economic growth with savings where we can find them in terms of waste, fraud, abuse, those kinds of things. that combination of finding savings where we can and economic growth is what is going to address the debt and deficit. david: now one person's waste and fraud is another person's necessity. if you start cutting back on things that, you say is waste and fraud, i'm sure you will hear cries from the democratic
4:40 pm
side of the aisle saying no, that is absolutely part of medicare or medicaid. are you prepared to deal with that? >> well the president's been very clear, that he is going to support medicare, medicaid, social security. in fact, with this growing economy, there is more money to go in and support social security and medicare because you have got more people working and more people paying in. at the same time when we look across government we're talking about a farm bill. for example, snap or food stamps. we want to make sure we meet the need but we don't want waste or fraud. we want to work with the states to get the best system we can to meet the need and do it, recognizing cost to the taxpayer. david: the gold should not be getting more people on welfare. the goal should be getting people off welfare, right? >> and we do that, we do that with a growing economy and more jobs. david: but again, democrats are unlikely to see it the same way. it is just, by the way the numbers of waste and fraud did not come from a partisan source. it came from the general
4:41 pm
accounting office. so if you have the gao or inspector general saying this is clearly waste and fraud, what could the democrats say to dispute that? >> but see, this came down to the debate on both regulatory relief but particularly tax relief. the idea of stimulating the private enterprise, empowering people, getting that economic growth that makes these things possible. more limited government, more economic growth in the private sector. that is it what we are pushing for. that is where we need help from our colleagues. david: senator john hoeven from north dakota, thank you very much, senator. appreciate you coming in. >> thanks, david. melissa: we're now learning author michael wolff is moving up the release date of that "fire and fury "book. saying there is unprecedented demand of the critical tell-all book about president trump. was supposed to be released next tuesday. it will be out tomorrow, despite a cease and desist order from the president's lawyer. there you go. you can buy it and read it tomorrow. thank you, mr. president.
4:42 pm
david: great advertising for michael wolff. a scandal at intel. a major chip flaw is causing major trouble for the ceo and throws his reputation into question. that story coming next. ♪ dad promised he would teach me how to surf on our trip. when you book a flight then add a hotel you can save.
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melissa: intel closed lower today after the company confirmed significant security vulnerabilities in some of its chips. now the ceo is under fire. it's a big story. deirdre bolton has more on this one, deirdre? >> thanks, melissa. one of the world's biggest chip-makers intel has this vulnerability in its processer chip. this is in everything we use, modern pc's, laptops, servers, you name it. these chip vulnerabilities make it easier for hackers to steal passwords and other data. this is affecting intel and other companies which they do manufacturing, a md&a rm.
4:46 pm
intel is rapidly issuing up dates and software patches. bid end of next week and it will issued updates more than 90% of the products. chips five years old or slightly newer, are the ones that need patching. this is the second layer, melissa, this story is making question their commitment to the company. the ceo apparently knew about the flaws when he sold $24 million of stock this fall. so the ceo, brian krzanich, he sold stock and options in late november. that was several months after the company learned about these vulnerabilities. so google essentially told intel of the vulnerabilities back in the summer, in june, months before the ceo put his divestiture program in place. intel, i want to make it clear, standing by the ceo, in fact a spokesperson put out a statement saying listen the sale was preplanned t had nothing to do with the chip's flaws, and that
4:47 pm
the sale was done as part of a standard stock sale plan con firming that the ceo holds his shares within corporate guidelines. he didn't break any rules. a representative though from the sec deinconsiderring to comment because we asked specifically whether or not it is looking into the sale. there is one other detail investors noting not in a positive way. the ceo's stock sale leaves him with only 250,000 shares of intel stock. that is the minimum number. that is why this is significant that the company requires him to hold under his employment agreement. some pessimistic investors they're saying well is the ceo just holding the minimum because he has a lack of confidence in the company's future? or is he intending to move on or both? take a quick look at the stock. the past 52 weeks up versus the nasdaq. melissa: interesting. deirdre bolton, thank you very much for that report.
4:48 pm
david: two different messages to the american people. republicans are hoping tax cuts and prosperity are going to resonate with voters, one prominent democrat throwing his support behind an organization that endorses political violence. kid you not. melissa: amazing. david: details coming next. of the. #nosleep #mouthbreather just put on a breathe right strip it instantly opens your nose... up to 38% more than cold medicine alone go to today to request a free sample. every truck guy has their own way of conveying powerful. yeeaaahhh boy. kind of looks like a monster coming to eat ya. holy smokes. that is awesome. strong. you got the basic, and you got the beefy. i just think it looks mean. incredible. no way. start your year off strong a new chevy truck. get a total value of over $9,600 on this silverado all star when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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melissa: legalized pot taking a hit. attorney general jeff sessions announcing he will undo an obama-era policy that gives states freedom to allow recreational use of marijuana. the move putting the federal government at odds with state laws. on monday california became the sixth state to legalize recreational pot. massachusetts and maine will join the list later this year. house minority leader nancy pelosi of california calling this a shameful move that insults the democratic
4:52 pm
process. while colorado republican senator cory gardner is threatening to stall senate confirmations for justice department appointees if sessions doesn't backtrack on this. should be interesting. david: with tax reform, and deregulation pumping the markets and salaries, republicans are setting up economic prosperity as their selling point for the midterm elections. so what is the democratic message? here is the deputy chair of the dnc endorsing antifa. this is a radical group that endorses political violence to pursue their goals. so which message will voters buy? here now with more, gianno caldwell, republican strategist and fox news political analyst. gianno, i was shocked when i saw this. do democrats really think this is a message that will sell in the election. >> i wasn't shocked at all because keith is somebody who definitely endorsed figures who
4:53 pm
have held radical positions. fox, one leader in particular that he was very close with said that hitler was a good man. this is what this one leader said. in addition to that, ellison has also headlined fund-raisers for folks who have endorsed hamas. so this isn't surprising at all. i think -- david: one thing gianno to do that, before you have a very powerful position in the democratic party. he is now the deputy chair of the dnc. it is his responsibility to get the votes out. and here he is, promoting an organization that has openly promoted violence against protesters. >> fair enough but i don't think a decent human being whether they have position or not should advocate for those positions. david: i get you. >> certainly, certainly when it comes to this role in which he has right now the democratic party knew what they were getting. they remain without a message. they continue to. when they said, hey this, is tax reform package won't give us any benefits whatsoever, and you see
4:54 pm
corporations continue to come out saying hey, we'll pass benefits on to our employees, we'll raise the minimum wage, which we know historically has been the case when companies are asked to raise the minimum wage or states want to raise the minimum wage, hey, we need tax relief in order to do so. what the republican party has delivered is a tax package that will be beneficial for overwhelmingly the majority of americans. david: but here, you have got now the democrats, who are taking a position that, that on the one hand you have the republicans selling prosperity. on the other hand you have keith ellison selling antifa. they have to come out and either denounce antifa themselves or address this, don't they? >> i think so. figures like nancy pelosi have said it. we know this group is considered a domestic terrorist organization by the majority of our government. why keith felt the freedom to do this i have no idea. outside the fact he has endorsed
4:55 pm
and been very close to radicals that would support antifa in general. this is something the democratic party need to come out strong panned need a message out of this area. david: they don't. that is the point, they really don't have a message. which means where you have a vacuum you have keith ellison stepping into that vacuum and promoting antifa. an organization directly contrary to the american democratic system. >> of course. we're going to continue to have segments on this on a day-to-day basis when more ridiculous things come out from the left. so this isn't surprising to me. until they get their act together which doesn't look likely, although things may not be perfect on the right, certainly we're getting things done and there was a big accomplishment with tax reform this past december. i'm expecting to see more and more craziness like this. david: keith ellison is not a back-bencher, deputy head chairman of the dnc. very responsible person.
4:56 pm
something has to be said about his endorsement. >> he should be a very responsible person i think we should say. david: good to see you. appreciate it. >> great seeing you. melissa: braving almost whiteout conditions we took to the streets of new york in the middle of the "bomb cyclone," to find out who exactly was out during the storm. what did jamie find? >> 55 mile-an-hour winds starting to feel like a popsicle. how about you? >> they're not fund, those winds. ♪ ... hallucinations and delusions. the unknown parts of living with parkinson's. what plots they unfold, but only in my mind.
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4:59 pm
>> the storm is called a bomb cyclone. how does that make you feel? >> worried, cold? >> very very cold. >> i don't want to get out of it >> it feels pretty much like a bomb. >> cold? what are you doing out here braving the storm? >> i'm selling fish but i'm freezing. >> getting ready to go drink. david: selling fish? have you ever seen anybody selling fish?
5:00 pm
that's jamie by the way, wonderful producer got the snow day tomorrow is another snow day melissa: oh, no i don't know. we'll see my kids are at home right now they need to go to school tomorrow i love the pom pom on jamie's hat. risk & rewards starts right now. >> markets around the world are in turmoil at this hour over trump's astonishing victory. >> america is crying tonight. >> everybody is crying. >> local investors had expected and wanted a hillary clinton presidency. they didn't get it. >> you're going to wake up in the morning to a reaction. >> is there a dooms day planned? >> global markets were very quick to respond to donald trump 's defeat of hillary clinton sinking in anticipation of a trump presidency. liz: the dow crossing 20,000, 25,000 for the first time ever. it's the fastest 1000-point gain in the blue chip index's history and took just 23 days it is the


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